Executive & Organisations Alignment (Voith Turbo)

"Achieving a new strategic alignment - together"

Dr. Volker Zimmermann
Dr. Volker Zimmermann
(Managing Director, Voith Turbo - Sector streets)
"The Institute for Growth and Innovation was an important partner for us in further developing our Automatic Transmission Business Unit. In two Executive Alignment Workshops together with IGI, we provided a solid base for strategic alignment and integrated a common picture of the future in the management team. The systematic and holistic procedure, the creativity and inspiration made a major contribution to the resulting success. What really impressed us was the intensity of the work during the workshop."

Voith Turbo is a specialist for transmission, coupling and braking systems for use on roads and rails, and in industrial and ship propulsion systems. The Automatic Transmission Business Unit is a leading global provider of transmission systems for urban transport buses. The Unit's offering includes the renowned DIWA automatic transmission and in future also hybrid transmissions. Sophisticated technology, expansion of a globally operating service network and rising costs pressure are the considerable challenges that the BU is now able to master in an optimal way.