„Die or transform digital“

Study on the current status of digital transformation in companies

The IGI study shows:
Digital transformation means disruption

Digital transformation enables exponential growth, but at the same time the maxim "The winner talks it all" applies. Above all, however, digital transformation requires rethinking.

Companies are caught in the existing!
For many, digital transformation has not started yet...

None of the companies surveyed is in real digital transformation. The CEOs of the surveyed companies are more likely to lead their company into a "computerized industrial age" than into the "Age of Information"!
Only three companies have set up initial interconnected initiatives, but none has a holistic, coherent vision of the future with a corresponding roadmap. It is true that around a third has launched various initiatives to benefit from digital opportunities. But these initiatives are rather piecemeal and far away from being a holistic plan and a transformation strategy. Cultural aspects are largely neglected. More than 50% digitize only the existing, i. existing products, services and processes.

Business models reflect low digital fitness, leadership skills are more based on the DNA of the industrial age
The existing structures in the surveyed companies often hinder digital transformation. The same is valid for their IT and business processes.
The silo mentality as well as the behavior of the industrial age are major hurdles in the digital transformation. The management team is too much attached to their power and avoids making decisions.

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"Power, Trust and Ego in Alliance Management"

Study on the success factors of alliances, collaborations and partnerships.

Power, Trust and Ego in Alliance ManagementThe IGI Study shows:
Alliances are a must for companies on the path towards growth:

According to the study, the importance of alliances will have grown drastically. New alliance forms are developing – away from purely bilateral alliances (= level I alliances) towards alliance constellations and clusters (= level II alliances).

Need to develop "alliance capability":
The study reveals that only a small amount of companies recognize  and use the wide range of opportunities that alliances present. At the same time the failure rate with alliances entered into is 40 to 70%. The causes of this can frequently be found in the company's deficient "organizational maturity" and lack of alliance-specific capabilities.

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"Innovate and Die"
Study on companies' innovation and growth potential.

Innovate and DieThe IGI Study shows:
Innovation is a value lever for increasing profitability, growth and company value.

Many innovation activities still do not result in the expected success, even if innovation is seen as a value lever in most industries and     companies. Only one out of three companies manages to conquer broad customer segments or push through higher prices with     innovations. At more than 50% of companies the turnover or EBIT     share made by innovations towards total turnover is max. 10 to 15%. In Germany the flop rate of newly introduced products is up to 80%, depending on the industry/sector.

The IGI Study highlights:

- The challenges facing companies where innovations are concerned
- The relevant solution methods and options for action

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