Innovation Management & Innovation Culture Setup (T-Mobile)

"Re-alignment of the OSS tool environment for monitoring"

Stefan Anderlohr
Stefan Anderlohr
(T-Mobile, Senior Vice President,
Network Operations)
"With the help of IGI and the IGI-Lab® method we were able to unify the individual strengths of the relevant experts from various parts of our company into one enormous powerhouse. IGI ensured that they followed a clear structure and a healthy level of detailing, that they detached themselves from particular interests and opinions, and that they developed the best possible concept for the prevalent situation.“

In the face of growing challenges and scarcer resources, Stefan Anderlohr, Executive Vice President Operations Management at T-Mobile, is constantly confronted with the task of improving efficiency and effectiveness. He went to work on improvement potentials in monitoring infrastructure and IT systems. A large number of the most diverse, unconnected, partially redundant monitoring tools had expanded here over time. This resulted firstly in high further development and maintenance costs, and secondly there was no consolidated overview of the monitoring data. In just under 8 weeks a team of experts managed by IGI developed a concept for the sustainable re-alignment of the OSS tool environment for monitoring. The quality and state-of-the-art approach of the concept were confirmed by the unanimous acceptance by the relevant managers and experts in the company, and singled out in recognition by the respective specialists of renowned IT companies.


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