Strategic Re-alignment and Positioning (Telefónica O2, Voith)

"Fast and effective reorganization of our business segment"

Lutz Schüler
Lutz Schüler
(Telefónica O2, Managing Director Marketing & Sales)
"A new strategy is usually developed quickly. Difficulties may arise with the implementation and the necessary organizational adjustments. IGI helped us so much in convincing our employees of the strategy and quickly and effectively performing our re-structuring. I would, in this respect, particularly like to emphasize the excellent dramaturgical work, the ability to direct managers towards a common goal, and of course, the contribution of critical know-how."

Telefónica O2 Germany operates in an extremely dynamic market environment: prices for mobile communications are falling at record speeds, media and technologies are converging, new players and business models result in constant changes in the competitive arena. O2, and "personally" its then Managing Director, Lutz Schüler, were facing the challenge of both establishing DSL, next to mobile communications, as a business segment and mobilizing the company's existing content business.  In an organization development project with IGI, within just 8 months an organizational structure for product marketing and business development that matched the new strategy was developed and implemented, integrated processes were firmly anchored, and a mechanism for higher-level bid management was introduced. This in turn massively improved the use of marketing resources and the coordination and cooperation with the adjacent Technology and Sales Divisions.

"From HR administrator to strategic partner"

Joachim Kugoth
Joachim Kugoth
(Telefónica O2, Senior Vice President
Human Ressources)
"Together with IGI we took a huge step in the right direction. In very little time we re-aligned our organization, and re-structured and optimized our processes. At the same time we also re-positioned ourselves by integrating our customers into the project. We are now recognized as a strategic partner in the business, and receive enquiries on high-grade services, such as organization development, for example."

Following years of rapid growth, since the middle of the decade mobile communication has been increasingly focusing on efficiency increases. At O2, for example, the HR Division went ahead and planned the introduction of an e-HR system. First though, it wanted to make its own division more efficient and more customer-oriented, and aimed at providing the organizational requirements for utilizing the performance increase potential enabled by the e-HR tool.
In a 3-month project with IGI, the requirements and wishes of the respective customers were examined first of all. On this basis a small "HR-representative" team managed by IGI developed a new image / a new positioning, an adjusted service portfolio, an HR process map, optimized processes, and a new organizational structure.  At the end of the three months the new organization was fully staffed and business was aware of the changes at HR. The new processes and roles were implemented under IGI's project management supervision in the weeks that followed.

"Together with IGI, "Voith Turbo" both managed the economic crises and created the basis for future growth"

Dr. Volker Zimmermann
Dr. Volker Zimmermann
(Managing Director, Voith Turbo - Sector streets)
"Our objective was the quickest possible adaptation of capacities and thereby not to lose track of competitiveness and future growth. Together with IGI we embarked on a new path which went far beyond pure cost reduction."

After years of continuous growth the commercial vehicle industry experienced its up to now strongest crisis. The dramatic cutback affected directly our retarder business and we were forced to act rapidly. Together with IGI we chose a way which went far beyond traditional cost reduction programs.

The objective was to quickly lower costs but at the same time to create the basis for future growth and competitiveness. In a methodically well founded and very intense project led by IGI we were able to set the basis for a structural reorganisation of the business unit. Today, after the realisation of all the defined activities we see the measureable success and are well prepared for future challenges.