Understanding the organization as a living system

Companies are living organisms that have the capacity to change and develop further. This is necessary to be able to better survive in today's complex and rapidly changing commercial environment.

However, the idea that organizations must function like a "machine" still dominates current thinking. The notion here is, as expounded by Frederick Winslow Taylor, that there is only "one best way" for every human activity. Moreover, a machine is only built for a specific purpose, and cannot adjust or repair itself. In such an organization, changes are conceived by management and imposed on the organization; formal structures, coordination and control guidelines are introduced, which results in bureaucratic rigidity.

This leads to massive, unused productivity potential of 85-90% in some companies. One important prerequisite to utilizing this potential is to change the management model. Based on the living system, both "hard facts" and "soft facts" must be dealt with in a company. Topics such as trust, values or relevance therefore become important levers in our consultancy work.