More creativity and experience for our clients

Two boards help us deal with our clients' problems and challenges directly while working on a project. They are often the initiators and sources of new ideas and methods for our consulting practice.

Board for New Perspectives and Insights
The creative minds of this board come from the most diverse domains. They help us and our clients to discover new perspectives and develop new insights.

Prof. Homa Bahrami Miha Pogacnik
Prof. Homa Bahrami

Senior Lecturer at
Haas School of Business,
University of California, Berkeley

Miha Pogacnik

Solo Violinist,
Slovenian Cultural


The members of the Leadership Board are experienced managers with many years of management experience. They introduce well-founded business perspectives and valuable know-how to our clients' critical issues.

Dr. Reinhard J. Ambros Thomas P. Limberger Peter Edelmann
Dr. Reinhard J. Ambros

CEO Novartis Venture Fund,
Novartis International AG

Thomas P. Limberger

CEO, IWS World Economic Council

Peter Edelmann

CEO, B&C Holding Österreich GmbH